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Please be advised that our SBA financial service center will be closing at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 22nd for building-wide maintenance. Members may access online banking or contact our 24-hour Call Center at (301) 929-7990 or (800) 888-6560. X
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On September 15, 2017, the Federal Reserve changed the way electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits are processed. Most ACH debit transactions are posted on the same day  they are transacted.

All financial institutions are required to comply with this change. The goal is to produce a more efficient electronic network of ACH payments.

This applies to most regular ACH debits such as payments to credit cards, cable companies, fitness clubs and more. Please be aware that some merchants may convert payments to an electronic ACH transaction that were originally paid in another format. Some paper checks may be converted to an ACH transaction, which can clear and post the same day. Also, certain merchants (e.g., Target) link checking accounts to their debit cards, which can generate a same day ACH posting and clearing.

To help avoid items being returned as NSF (non-sufficient funds) and to avoid overdraft fees, please be sure that funds are available in your account at the time the transaction is authorized.

Additional helpful tips to be prepared:

• Keep a register of transactions conducted on your account so that you are aware of your current available balance (Online and Mobile Banking help provide easy access to your account).
• Be aware that funds will no longer have a lag time when posting to your account. Plan on funds being debited at the time the card is swiped or the payment is set up.
• Have your account set up with overdraft protection*

Please see Frequently Asked Questions regarding the payment changes.

*For more information about overdraft options, please contact LFCU at (800) 888-6560.

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