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Serving members worldwide since 1935.
On October 3, 1935, 1825 H Street Federal Credit Union was established and officially opened its doors in the heart of Washington, DC.


On October 3rd, the credit union opens its doors and begins offering personal loans. The minimum loan is $10; the maximum, $50.


The credit union begins offering new vehicle loans.


Lafayette Federal begins selling U.S. Savings Bonds.


The limit on total deposits in share accounts is $1,000.


Lafayette Federal has 960 members.


Total loans outstanding at Lafayette Federal is $129,000.


Lafayette Federal Assets reach nearly $2 million.


Lafayette Federal moves its main office to the U.S. Department of State Building.


National Credit Union Administration is created to supervise and regulate credit unions; "once a member, always a member" policy adopted.


Lafayette Federal has $10 million in assets and 7,600 members.


Lafayette Federal begins offering share draft (checking) accounts.


Lafayette Federal begins offering first trust mortgage loans.


Lafayette Federal moves its headquarters to Kensington, MD.


Lafayette Federal merges with Potomac Community Federal Credit Union and introduces a telephone bill payer program.


The Personal Branch online financial services system becomes available as the Lafayette Federal website is unveiled.


Lafayette Federal forms Potomac Business Services, LLC with three other credit unions to provide commercial loans.


Lafayette Federal hosts the inaugural Capitol Classic Charity Golf Tournament.


Business Accounts and Relationship Checking programs are introduced at Lafayette Federal.


Lafayette Federal celebrates its 75th anniversary.


Montgomery County, MD is added to Lafayette Federal's field of membership through the American Consumer Council (ACC).


All residents of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia are added to LFCU's field of membership through the American Consumer Council (ACC).


Lafayette Federal Credit Union merges with CSC Employees Federal Credit Union.


Lafayette Federal moves its headquarters to Rockville, MD.


Lafayette Federal celebrates over 85 years of serving 27,000+ members worldwide.


Lafayette Federal ranks #20 in S&P Global's Top 100 Performing Credits Unions of 2020.


As of 3/31/2021, Lafayette Federal reaches $1 billion in assets.

Since then, we've changed our name to
Lafayette Federal Credit Union
and evolved from offering only personal loans, to offering an array of financial products and services and expanding our worldwide presence.
We have consistently sought to provide our members with a safe, convenient place to save, to offer loans at rates and terms more favorable than those of other financial institutions, and to provide the utmost in support via our "member-focused, service-driven" mission.

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Earn $85 When You Open a New Checking Account

Open your no-minimum-balance Checking Account with a Qualified Direct Deposit of $500 or more each month,2 and we’ll drop $85 directly into your account!1Already have a Lafayette Federal Checking Account? You can still earn $85 by establishing Qualified Direct Deposit!2

Share Your Lafayette Federal Story!

happy LFCU member
Without you, we would not have OUR great story. So, tell us how Lafayette Federal has impacted your life. Whether we financed your first car or home—or established your very first savings account—we want to know!

April 2020 Winners

Mary O.

"I've been a member of LFCU since I joined USAID in 1987 and I plan to remain a member until I die. LFCU has seen me through overseas assignments when we still did business by cable until the present electronic age. They financed my first car and all three subsequent cars, including one I bought last month. LFCU has seen me through accidents, in both West Africa and the US, lost storage, home B&Es in Budapest (twice), and many other fiascos, and have always been there to give advice and help. My mother became a member and LFCU staff were very helpful when it came time to settle her estate. Always kind and going the extra mile."

Linda W.

"First of all CONGRATULATIONS to you Lafayette Federal Credit Union! I have been a member of Lafayette Federal Credit Union for approximately 30 years. I have never received anything but professional and sincere service over the years. No matter what my issue was, Lafayette was always just a phone call or step away. Purchased my daughter first car as a gift for graduation, with a loan through LFCU. Also, a second loan for down payment on my condominium. I tell all my friends and family: stop, look, listen, and run to Lafayette, you will be glad you did! Thank you Lafayette for being an important part of my financial life!"

May 2020 Winners

William E.

"I moved to Washington, DC in 1994 to take a position with the Peace Corps. I was so fortunate to learn that Peace Corps staff were eligible to become members of LFCU. After a few years in Washington I was ready to purchase a condo in Arlington and approached LFCU about obtaining a mortgage. My previous experiences with mortgages from a bank had been slow and difficult to understand with high interest rates. With LFCU I was so pleasantly surprised the process was much easier, the staff was much more responsive and friendly and, most importantly, the fixed rate mortgage rate was so much lower than I could have received from a bank. "

Joanne M.

"I joined LFCU when I was 16 years old as a dependent of a USAID foreign service officer. I opened my first savings account with money earned from part-time jobs. Since then there have been a lot of firsts with Lafayette, including my first checking account, car loan and mortgage application. In a relationship that has spanned almost 4 decades, the country and the world, LFCU has supported me and my family with all of our financial needs. Thanks LFCU, I think I'll be staying for life!"

June 2020 Winners

Codjo D.

"As you celebrate 85 year anniversary, I commend the leadership and the staff of LFCU, particularly those I've worked closely with since I became member in 2001. I still remember the face of the young lady named Abbey who welcomed me in her office in DC. The best customer service I received that day continues to date with othersMs. Dawn, Ms. Denise Germaine—for the loan to buy my condo. I cannot remember all the names. I live and work overseas but any time I reach out to LFCU, there’s always a cheerful professional voice that welcomes me and my issues have always been resolved in timely. CONGRATULATIONS & HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY!"

Daniel S.

"I may be one of your longer-term members. I joined USAID (then AID) in 1963 and in 1964 became a Lafayette Federal member. Lafayette financed our first new car and was our stateside account when we were in India. Later, our savings account with Lafayette provided the down payment on a house, and now our certificates and checking account are part of our retirement. Keep up the great and friendly service! "

July 2020 Winners

Nicole C.

"I joined Lafayette Federal Credit Union at a time when I needed them the most. It was smack during the last recession and the Occupy Movement. I had been laid off my position at a nonprofit where I was doing what I love. I was out of work and still wanted to make a difference even though my finances were tight and life was precarious. I decided to divest from two major banks. I closed my accounts and opened new accounts at Lafayette Federal Credit Union. It was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Even though I relocated to NYC, I still bank with Lafayette."

Cynthia M.

"I've been a happy member of Lafayette Federal Credit Union for 12 years. I had been banking at Bank of America for years, but during the 2008 financial crisis I realized the enormity of their corruption and disregard for their customers. I decided to take my banking business somewhere that I could trust. I was grateful to find LFCU and appreciate the fact that they are a local financial institution that invests in our community. My banking experience with LFCU has been very positive from customer service to my automobile loan to online banking. Because of this I’ve recommended LFCU to several friends and my brother who are now customers!"

August 2020 Winners

Warren B.

"I have been a member for over 24 years at the SBA Financial Service Center at 409 3rd Street SW. Over the years and staff changes, all of whom I've gotten to know and some I have seen since they left the SBA branch. Despite the staff changes there is one thing that remains constant - great customer service. There has never been a time when I was not treated professionally, with courtesy, and with a smile. I've also had the occasion to call the main office and have always received the same level of professionalism and courtesy that I receive at the branch. Keep up the good work! "

Kenneth M.

"I joined LFCU in 1976, upon coming to USAID, and was fortunate to win the top door prize in the first annual meeting I attended in 1977. Since draft accounts were first offered in 1981, I direct deposited my salary check until I retired, and we now have our annuities direct deposited. Our daughter still uses the account we opened for her as a six-year-old for direct deposit of her salary, and we have established savings accounts for our granddaughters to help them develop values of thrift and deferred gratification. We look forward to LFCU continuing to effectively provide for our financial services needs throughout our retirement."

September 2020 Winners

Avis B.

"It's not about me but it's about you (Lafayette Federal Credit Union Staff)! The warm smiles and the great customer service. Even when I am having a rough day and I go to make my deposits as I am greeted upon my arrival the staff knows me by name and always check to see how my day is going. I really appreciate the excellent customer service you really know how to turn my day around. Always going the extra mile to assist me with any issue or concern I may have. Thanks for making it about me at the end of my visit!"

Brian R.

"Lafayette Federal has been my trusted credit union for the last 34 years, providing for me while I served both overseas and here in the United States! You have helped me to plan for the future, finance mortgages, fund my business start-up, and save for retirement. Thanks for being my bedrock as I now look forward to enjoying this next phase of my life!"

October 2020 Winners

Catherine H.

"I began my career at SBA on my 21st birthday in 1979. Lucky for all of us at 1441 L St., LFCU was right in our building. I opened my accounts with them and have been a loyal customer throughout my 36 year SBA career and now as a "retiree" living in Florida. LFCU makes it easy to continue my relationship with them from afar and the professional staff is always there when I need them. Thank you and congratulations to LFCU!"

Maria S.

"Congratulations LFCU on turning 85!! My parents first set me up with a savings account the day I turned 10. Ever since, I have been honored to be a member of LFCU as such a family-oriented bank. All the employees in the branch know me, my mother, and my father! They even remember the University I attend and ask me how my major classes are going. Going to LFCU certainly feels like home and it is impossible for any other financial institution to deliver such a high standard of respect, familiarity, and knowledge. Even when I'm 500 miles away from home, I can count on LFCU to be there for me -- financially and personally."

November 2020 Winners

Edith B.

""The entire LFCU staff is personable, professional, and exceeds outstanding customer service. For over twenty years, I have been a member and accustom to the professional teams' product and financial services knowledge and expertise. I appreciate the teams' attention to detail, great communication skills, and a pleasant disposition. I am impressed with the level of services I receive regarding savings account, mortgage re-financing, investments in Share Certificates, to name a few. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate LFCU 10. Thank you for your outstanding service. "

Richard B.

"My Lafayette story started in 1994 when I first joined. I did not know what a credit union was about, but my company offered it as a benefit for my direct deposit paycheck. This allowed me to get my money a few days early. Over the years I have had mortgages, car loans, and been able to volunteer to improve the credit union. I have always been very happy with the customer service, even when I was across the country with no access to a branch."

December 2020 Winners

Glenn C.

""I may be one of the longest active members of LFCU (54 years). I retired from USAID in 1998. That was my first job after leaving the US Army in 1966. Like most young recently married couples, we needed to established credit. As many may know the Credit Union was in the old State Department. during my early years with USAID. Doing business with the LFCU was just like a big family. Just great!!! I would walk in and they knew me by name and account number. I now live in NC and still bank with them. Over the years I have finance several homes and cars. As I write this story, I have a car loan with LFCU today. I am a credit member for life!"

Rumu S.

"Congratulations LFCU for your 85th anniversary! I became a member when I joined USAID and started an enduring partnership with LFCU. I recently established a DC not-for-profit organization called The Civil Rights Museum Tour of America (CRMTOUR) and LFCU allowed me to set up a corporate account for it. CRMTOUR is a bus tour that visits important civil rights museums and sights in DC, Atlanta, Montgomery, Birmingham and Memphis. If I had to establish a commercial banking account for CRMTOUR, the fees and additional expenses would have made it prohibitively expensive. Thanks LFCU for supporting your members in all their endeavors!"

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1Members who open or have an established checking account and initiate direct deposit within a calendar month, and then make a qualified direct deposit by the final day of the following calendar month, will receive an $85 deposit into their checking account by the second Monday of the calendar month following the initial qualified direct deposit. 2Qualified direct deposit is a recurring direct deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other periodic payment of at least $500 into a checking account on a month-to-month basis made by an outside organization or agency. Offer valid for current members only. Offer ends December 31, 2021. $50 minimum balance required to open and earn 0.10% APY (APY = Annual Percentage Yield) on Lafayette Federal share savings account balances. $5 minimum balance required to open and earn 1.03% APY on LFCU checking account balances up to $25,000 and 0.025% APY on checking balances over $25,000. Please visit LFCU.ORG/1PERCENT for full checking account requirements. If checking account is closed within six months of receiving the promotional deposit, the deposit will be deducted from account. Rates current as of February 1, 2021 and subject to change without notice. Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. government. Lafayette Federal is an equal opportunity lender.

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