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Did you know that most people who have savvy financial skills develop these habits early in life? Learning to manage your finances is a crucial life skill, and one Lafayette Federal is committed to helping our youngest members develop. By helping your child become passionate about it now, you’ll help them achieve financial success when they’re older.

Building credit is important for future financial success. Credit is borrowed money that you can use to purchase goods and services when you need them. Good credit is necessary if you plan to use credit to make a major purchase, such as a car or a home, or want to be able to take advantage of the convenience a credit card can provide. Lenders review credit applications and credit reports to determine financial risk: If they lend you money, extend you credit or give you goods and services, will you pay them back? Often, the primary resource guiding their decision is your credit history.

April is Credit Union Youth Month! In honor of this, we are offering two great programs designed to build credit for our young adult members:
    Lafayette Federal Share Secured Mastercard® Credit Card*- By pledging the funds in your share
    account as collateral, you’re able to use the card for purchases AND build your credit as you go! Also, the funds in your share account continue to earn the stated dividend rate.

  • Credit limits up to $50,000
  • No annual fee
  • Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay™ and EMV technology
  • Flexible payment options‚ including automatic payment
  • A 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Online account access
  • Design your own card
  • Share Secured option- Using funds in your share account as collateral, your credit limit is equal to this amount. Great option for those looking to build or re-build credit!

Credit Builder Loan**- With a Credit Builder Loan, you build your credit and pay yourself in the process. Up to $5‚000 is deposited into your share account and pledged against the loan. That means every payment you make is really being made to yourself. When you’re done repaying the loan‚ you’ll have up to $5‚000 to spend any way you like. With an APR*** equal to the Dividend Rate + 3.00% and terms up to 7 years, this is a great way to boost your credit score!

      *Borrower must have an amount equal to the approved credit limit on deposit in a Lafayette Federal share account; this amount is placed on hold in the account. Full amount remains on hold as long as the line of credit is open. Co-borrower required for any borrower under 21 years old. **Upon loan funding, the loan proceeds are deposited into a Lafayette Federal share account and placed on hold. As borrower makes loan payments, the portion of payment that is credited towards the principal balance releases the hold on that same amount in the share account, making those funds available for withdrawal. Co-borrower required for any borrower under 18 years old. ***APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Standard underwriting guidelines will apply.

  • Home Advantage Family on porch

    Lafayette Federal HomeAdvantage is a free member service that can help you buy, sell and save on your home.

    Save $100s to $1,000s in Cash Rewards*

  • 3.03% Checking Mini Ad

    We're rewarding you with our bigger, better, bolder 3.03% APY2 Relationship Checking Account!

    Big banks can't compete.

  • Woman in New Car

    Dreaming of a new ride? Let us finance your next new, used, or fuel-efficient vehicle.

    Rates as low as 2.375% APR*