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Please be advised that our SBA financial service center will be closing at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 22nd for building-wide maintenance. Members may access online banking or contact our 24-hour Call Center at (301) 929-7990 or (800) 888-6560. X
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APPROACHING DEADLINE: If you are using your account number as your user ID to log into our Online Banking system, you must update immediately. We have extended our deadline to July 11th to accommodate for members who have not yet had an opportunity to update. Any accounts using the account number to log in instead of a unique user ID will be forced to update as of July 11th.

Updating your login information can be inconvenient, but extremely important if you want to keep your information secure. At Lafayette Federal, the safety of your important information is our number one priority. That is why we are implementing new procedures so you can enjoy the convenience of online banking with peace of mind.

Many of our members are still using their account number as their user ID on our Online Banking system. This practice makes it easier for unauthorized users to access your important account information. To reduce the possibility of fraud, we are requiring that all Online Banking user IDs be changed from a member's account number to a unique login.

*Remember to update all accounts to which you have access that still use the account number as the user ID. To do this, you must log in to each account individually and update the user ID. 

To change your user ID, please follow these six easy steps:

1. Using a PC or tablet, log in to our Online Banking system with your current credentials.
2. Once logged in, click on the "Your Preferences" tab at the top of the online banking screen.
3. On the right side of the page in the "Change Password" section, select "Change User ID".
4. In the "User ID" box, enter the new user ID that you wish to use, with a minimum of eight characters. Your user ID cannot have been previously used.
5. In the "Current Password" box, enter your current password.
6. Press "Submit" to update your user ID.

Please consider the following guidelines when creating a new user ID:
  • It is important to note that each user ID must be unique, so you may be asked to create a different user ID if another member has already selected the user ID that you are entering.
  • Choose a unique user ID that is between 8 and 19 characters in length. Your user ID can contain any combination of alpha and/or numeric characters.
  • Your user ID may NOT contain your account number, date of birth, zip code, Social Security Number, the last four digits of your phone number or any special characters.


I also use the Lafayette Federal Mobile App. Do any additional changes need to be made when logging in to mobile banking via the app?

After you have changed your online banking login credentials by creating a unique user ID via our website, you will need to update the user ID stored in the mobile app. To do this, open the Lafayette Federal app on your phone, and on the home screen, select the "Change" button by the USERID field and update to your new user ID before entering your password and logging in.

I have access to multiple accounts in my online banking platform. Do I need to make any changes to access all accounts?

Yes. First, you must update each account's user ID by logging into each account individually and updating, following the six steps as described above. When you change the user IDs on the account you have access to, you will need to add them back into the Multiple Account Access on your main account.

1. Click on the "Your Preferences" tab.
2. Click on the "Multiple Accounts" subtab.
3. Click on the "Add Account" link in the blue header.
4. Enter the new user ID.
5. Enter the existing password for that account.
6. Click "Submit", then "Yes" to add access.

I forgot my Online Banking password. Is there an easy way to reset it?

Should you forget your online banking password, simply click "forgot password" and you will be asked a series of security questions that only you will know the answer to. Once you successfully answer these questions, you will be able to access your account and update your password.

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