What are Account Alerts?

The credit union’s notification system through Online Banking is designed to send you up-to-date informational alerts on your account activity via email or text message.

Some of the features available to you:

    • Be alerted to Savings/Checking Accounts balances falling below a certain amount.
    • Get notified when an overdraft transfer has been made.
    • Know exactly when your deposits or withdrawals of a specific value are posted.
    • Stay on top of your loan by having notices sent out (e.g. Payment Posted, Loan Payment Not Received).


To take advantage of this feature:

  1. Log into your Online Banking account
  2. Select More > Add a New Alert
  3. Choose the account or card you wish to add an alert to
  4. Select an alert type and delivery method (email or text)
  5. Click Save.

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