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Online, in-person, or by mail. It’s quick and easy to make a loan payment.

Choose how you want to pay.

Making your next loan payment is easy and convenient with robust online banking, multiple branch locations, and a team of member representatives ready to help you anytime.

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Log into Online Banking to transfer funds from your savings or checking account to your Lafayette Federal loan, mortgage or credit card for immediate posting.

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At a Branch

Make a payment at a branch in DC, Maryland and Virginia, or visit any of our shared branches nationwide.

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Online Payment Portal

If you’re already enrolled, use our Payment Portal to pay your mortgage or consumer loan bills. Or make a one-time payment as a guest.

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By Mail

Send a check or money order payable to Lafayette Federal Credit Union to:

Lafayette Federal Credit Union
2701 Tower Oaks Bvld
Rockville, MD 20852
ATTN: Payments

Please put your loan number in the memo field. Mailed payments post within one business day of receipt.

Pay today from another bank account.

Making payments has never been this easy.

Making loan payments tutorial for Lafayette Federal’s online banking.

For enrolled users and one-time payments:

If you have previously enrolled in the Payment Portal (not Online or Mobile Banking) and set up recurring payments, please click one of the buttons below to log in and review/cancel your automatic loan payment schedule.

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Bank from anywhere, anytime.

With our fully-upgraded Online Banking & Mobile App, you’ve got complete control of your finances, all in one place. Enjoy new and improved features in our up-to-date platform.

Take advantage of anytime access to your finances and more:

  • Perform secure transactions 24/7
  • Access the Mobile App
  • Pay bills online
  • Set up account alerts

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