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We’re looking for people like you to help lead the banking revolution.

Your Credit Union for Life.


We offer fantastic benefits to our team and are wholeheartedly committed to enriching their lives at work and at home.

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Health & Wellness

Lafayette Federal has single and family medical plans, life insurance, dental, disability, and company wellness challenges to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

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Extensive PTO, competitive 401K, flexible spending account, and access to all available services are some perks we give to our staff.

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Challenge & Opportunity

We want you to reach your career goals; we offer education assistance so you can continue to grow and provide plenty of opportunities to advance in the industry.

Our Stories

Our first objective should always be to provide assistance.

Lynn English
Senior Vice President of Risk Management

Everyone has the same goal — to help members.

Ashley West
Business Development Officer

We trust you. We want to be where you go.

Asha Sharma
Assistant Branch Manager

Solving real world problems is something I enjoy about working at Lafayette.

Cleo T.
Systems Analyst

I’ve been banking with Lafayette as a kid; my parents were members.

Kennon B.
HR Marketing Specialist

Helping to improve work processes, make them more efficient, is rewarding.

Alec D.
Helpdesk Team Lead

Life at Lafayette Federal

If you’re a problem-solver motivated by a desire to offer innovative solutions for your members, then Lafayette Federal is the place for you.

We believe it is our obligation to contribute to the betterment of our communities through financial investments and volunteerism. In communities where we do business, we support a variety of non-profit, civic and economic development organizations that share our interest in improving local prosperity, economic self-sufficiency, education, and the health and well-being of community members. We host an annual golf tournament to benefit the Children’s’ Miracle Network, community shred days at our multiple locations, financial literacy sessions, and participate in many local events such as farmers’ markets, festivals, community gatherings, etc. Lafayette Federal employees are enthusiastic and involved, volunteering their time by serving in leadership positions, group associations, chapter memberships. Their generosity is a source of pride for Lafayette Federal, and we encourage their involvement in community-building efforts.

We are committed to maintaining an attractive benefits package that gives our employees and their families the resources they need to effectively manage their health, promote their well-being, and help plan an exciting future. Lafayette Federal employee benefits include: medical, dental reimbursement, life insurance, a competitive 401(k) plan, and voluntary benefits such as a legal aid plan and supplemental life insurance for you and your family.

Learn more about Employee Development

Lafayette Federal is committed to ensuring a safe, open, honest, and ethical environment for our employees, our volunteers, and our members. We have established a Code of Ethics that explicitly states our mandate for honesty and integrity in everything we do. All Lafayette Federal employees and volunteers are expected to uphold these principles as fundamental to the well-being of the credit union and to its continued service, growth, and progress. The Code of Ethics details the high standards expected of every employee and volunteer as well as the ramifications for unacceptable behavior.

  • Expose dishonesty or corruption wherever discovered. We expect our employees/volunteers to observe the law and our policies governing our daily actions and interactions.
  • Employees/volunteers should recognize and accept a personal responsibility to build and maintain Lafayette Federal’s good name and reputation.
  • Provide the highest level of personal financial services in a courteous and professional manner and treat all individuals fairly without regard to age, race, creed, national origin, sex, religion, social and economic status or any other classes protected under the law.
  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of member financial records and transactions as well as those of the credit union, and never use any information obtained in the performance of Credit Union duties as a means for making private profit.
  • Employees/volunteers are required to conduct their personal affairs in a way that avoids conflict, or even the appearance pf conflict, between the employee’s/volunteer’s self-interest and his or her duty to Lafayette Federal and its members.

Attributes of our safe, healthy workplace include:

  • “Whistleblower” policy encourages reporting of unlawful behavior and security threats.
  • A drug and alcohol-free workplace.
  • Zero tolerance for all forms of violence and harassment.
  • Intolerance for discriminatory treatment.

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