What are some best practices for using an electronic banking app or site?

The widespread use of electronic banking means more convenience for members and better ways to monitor account activity. However, it also means there are more opportunities for fraud. Lafayette Federal’s Online Banking system provides a secure environment. Your data, login, passwords and PINs add further security.

There are additional steps you can take to significantly reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft while using our mobile banking services. Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Password protect your mobile device and lock it when you aren’t using it.
  • Keep your device in a safe location.
  • Never use passwords that include birthdays, names, pet names, social security numbers or that repeat numbers or letters.
  • Never store your sign on, password, and answers to your challenge questions on your phone, and do not set your browser to remember the password.
  • Avoid loading your account access information into third party payment apps.
  • Never disclose personal information about your accounts via a text message. For example: account numbers, passwords, or any combination of personal information.
  • Ensure you fully close out of the application or press the logout button in the upper right-hand corner to exit the app when you have completed your transactions.

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