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Five Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Consider these key upgrades to boost resale value.

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We all know the importance of a good first impression. Whether it be your engaging body language, professional ensemble, or confident demeanor – there are a wide range of factors that can make or break the results of your presentation. But did you know that your home can make a first impression too?

Now that you have made the decision to sell, it is time to consider new ways to get the most out of your property, with the ultimate goal of increasing its value. Read below for a few simple tips and tricks to spruce up your home and give it the market appeal you are looking for.

Make Greenery Your Best Friend

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? One of the most effective ways to bring life to your home’s exterior is through greenery and vegetation. Having a colorful assortment of plants, flowers and trees on your front lawn can grab the attention of a potential buyer and increase attraction from passing locals. A garden displayed on your property can supply comfort to guests, allowing them to visualize the house-to-home potential of your property before they’ve even reached the interior. Take advantage of your open lawn and add some bright marigolds or eye-catching roses. No time for planting? No problem! Purchase artificial flowers from your local plant store and get the same colorful effect overnight.


Find Some Welcoming Décor

They say seeing is believing, and decorations are no exception. One of the simplest ways to convince buyers your home is the one for them is by attracting them with warm, comforting décor and ornamentation. Adding accent chairs to your patio or a large “Welcome!” sign to your door invites guests to settle in and get comfortable, a tactic especially useful for selling when guests will be viewing your property for the first time. Additionally, items like a doormat, hanging plants or door wreaths can also work to boost your home’s attraction. Adjusting your decorations by season is also a good way to make guests feel comfortable; for instance, switching out your holiday wreath for a flower wreath in the spring or trading your summer plant stand for pumpkins in the fall. This incorporation of decorations makes it easier to see oneself living there already, which can sway customers towards a desire to stay. Don’t wait for buyers to come inside to feel at home, give them a taste of the potential before they even enter!

Utilize Eye-Catching Colors

At an open house, there is a reason you often find pastel-colored furniture on the porch or multi-colored accents in the hallways. Not only can utilizing bright colors grab attention from afar, but they can also work to distract viewers from any less-impressive house aspects. Front door starting to look old and worn? Add a splash of paint! Dark-wood porch feeling out-of-style? Add some yellow curtains! Whether it is your furniture, walls, or the house itself, using colors that pop can be an extremely useful tool for boosting the appeal of your property. When selecting your colors however, it is important to use the original shades of your home to your advantage. If your property is a red brick or paneled wood house, be wary of adding too many colors that can take away from the original rustic appeal. Assess different color combinations in advance and be cognizant of how color blends can throw off your aesthetic.

Be Mindful of Small Repairs

When convincing someone your house is worth purchasing, the last thing you want people doing is to dwell on the cost of any necessary repairs. Before putting the property on the market, examine the exterior of the house for areas in need of small repair. Things like damaged windowpanes, sidewalk cracks, chipped paint or visible electrical fixtures are easy enough to fix and can-do wonders for your home’s appeal when fixed. Though seemingly minute details, they can become apparent eyesores when ignored and even pose a variety of safety concerns overtime. Avoid this at all costs and conduct a thorough evaluation beforehand. If the damage looks bad enough, do not be afraid to consider upgrading an aspect of the house entirely. Even minor updates, such as changing your door handle or porch fixtures, can not only make your home more attractive but add a more modern feel as well.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Consider some of the grandest, most expensive properties you have ever viewed. Oftentimes they stand seated on tall hills or feature several rows of wide stories. All, however, never fail to maintain an unexplainable glow that makes the home appear to stand out against all the other properties. Whether you own a grand mansion or not, you don’t need size for this effect! Just like eye-catching colors, usage of lighting is another way to grab attention from afar. Adding some spotlights to your garden or string lights on the porch can make your home shine in a way that excites your viewers and makes them eager to explore inside. Avoiding any dark corners and entryways is also important to making your guests feel more welcome. These incorporations can come in the form of night lamps, hanging porch bulbs, pathway lights and so many more. Don’t be afraid to be bold with different fixtures to match the aesthetic of your home and bring attention to its own unique style.

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