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Eight Ideal Part-Time Jobs for Students: Give your child real world experience early on.

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Eight Ideal Part-Time Jobs for Students

Being a student can be a lot of work. Finding the time to make money on top of other responsibilities can feel impossible, especially throughout the school year. Part-time jobs offer a valuable opportunity to earn on a manageable schedule and learn valuable life skills along the way. Whether your child is a high school senior or college sophomore, they can find ways to earn money. Read more to learn about eight ideal part-time student jobs your child should consider this year.

Part-Time Student Jobs


Math whiz? English major? Share the knowledge! If your child specializes in a certain subject area, consider encouraging them to start a tutoring service. Students of all grade levels are always searching for support in different areas, and many have shown to benefit from having the personalized support of someone their age. In addition to paying well, this job provides your child the valuable opportunity to sharpen their own understanding of the subject through practice/teaching others. With the added convenience of working from home or within your local area, convenience is a prime benefit of this part-time job.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Having a dog is a big responsibility, and finding time for daily walks can prove a difficult task for working adults. If your son or daughter is a pet-lover with some free time, encourage them to try dog-walking for members of their community. This job can be done before or after classes, giving your child plenty of time to complete any tasks of their own. If comfortable working with animals for longer periods, your child may want to try pet-sitting. This job involves providing care for a pet while their owner is away, requiring tasks like feeding, cleaning, walking and/or entertaining. These roles are a great way to get outdoors and play with animals, while still earning compensation.

Restaurant Server

Serving as a restaurant waiter or waitress is a common first job for high school students. With their bustling atmospheres, restaurants are often hiring for multiple employees at a time – making it a job largely available to students. The position of server typically entails greeting incoming customers, taking orders and serving food. Given these duties, it is best suited for those that work well with people and skilled with efficiency. It is also a great option for students looking to earn tips in addition to their salary. Check your local restaurants for vacant positions, which may be even more readily available these days.


Babysitting is one of the most popular first jobs for students, largely because of the high demand surrounding it. Whether you have looked after someone yourself or left your kids with someone for the weekend, you more than likely have had some experience with a babysitter. The requirements of this position can vary in terms of length and responsibility, but typically entail the jobs of keeping children fed, safe, entertained and present to any needed appointments or activities. With the high demand – especially in larger cities – these gigs typically pay well and are a convenient way to earn money fast. If your child has any younger siblings or cousins, this is a great first option for them to consider.


We all love starting our day with a cup of coffee, and students are no exception. Working as a barista is a busy job requiring skills like time management, positive attitude and efficiency. Developing these skills carry beyond serving coffee to others, but also into other work experience for your child later on. Like servers, baristas can also add to their salary by earning tips for outstanding service. Many colleges offer on-campus coffee shops, and those that do not often have shops hiring nearby.

Food Delivery

College campuses are hub spots for food delivery. If your son or daughter is a licensed driver, working as a food delivery driver near their campus or home could be a great option, offering flexible schedules for busy students. App-based services like DoorDash or Uber Eats allow people to locally place orders, provide drop-off instructions and pay tips to drivers online – minimal face-to-face contact required. While driving around campus they can make deliveries on the way, an easy way to earn money and keep a balanced schedule.


Is your child a good swimmer? Try your hand at lifeguarding! If in need of a fun summer job, working as a lifeguard is an easily accessible option. Students can apply to work at their local neighborhood pool and community centers, alongside a team of other students in their age range. The position requires lifeguards to complete CPR training, a valuable life skill that can stand out on a resume and come in handy during an emergency. Many lifeguard positions also offer ample opportunity for promotion, with added tasks like giving private swim lessons or managing other employees.

Office Assistant/Intern

If your child hopes to work an office job someday, working as an intern or office assistant is a valuable opportunity for them to earn corporate work experience early on. Many organizations offer a variety of different paid/unpaid internships throughout the year with varying levels of responsibility. High schools and college often send emails to students about internship opportunities. Tasks like sending emails, contributing to meetings and aiding other employees with their work are great ways to get familiar with a company and gain real world experience. Students can earn money while simultaneously getting an understanding of the working world. Earn while you learn, a win-win!

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