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Important Information Regarding Your 1099-INT Tax Document

Please be advised that you will now receive one consolidated 2022 1099-INT tax document, which will include the total dividends earned between all of your accounts. The form will list the account number with the largest 2022 dividend payout, and will be located within Online Banking under this same account if you are enrolled in…

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Lafayette Federal Remains Safe, Secure, and Committed to Your Financial Well-Being

We understand that news about Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has raised concerns about the safety and stability of financial institutions. These banks experienced a failure rooted from poor risk management and losses from fixed rate investments. At Lafayette Federal Credit Union, we have consistently adopted prudent and conservative risk management practices and have…

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Identity Theft Tax Fraud

Filing your taxes is a rite of passage for those of us in working world, one that can be confusing, exhausting and daunting. Unfortunately, fraudsters take advantage of this often overwhelming time with an ever-growing scam that involves stealing your personal information, such as your social security number (SSN), and using it to file (and…

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Lease Versus Buy: Which is best for your next vehicle?

If you’ve ever purchased a car before or are currently in the process, you may be wondering: is it better to lease or buy my next vehicle? You’re not alone. Consumers nationwide face this decision on a daily basis. Fortunately, by taking some time to educate yourself on some key considerations, you can make a wise decision when the time comes to get your next set of wheels. Learn more

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