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Stay Safe Online: Beware of emerging financial scams.

As modern technology advances, unfortunately so do the complexities of frauds and scams. In an age where digital transactions are commonplace and artificial intelligence (AI) can create convincing phishing emails and robocall scripts, staying informed about the latest scams is crucial for safeguarding your finances. Below is a roundup of some prevalent schemes that cybercriminals…

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Don’t Take the Bait: Safeguarding against spear phishing attacks.

Most of us are familiar with phishing scams: you receive an urgent-sounding email instructing you to change your password, verify an order, or pay a bill to avoid some kind imminent risk or loss. These scams can be very convincing, and everyone should be diligent about protecting passwords, using strong passwords, not on clicking suspicious…

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The Power of Two: How to prosper in marriage.

Maximizing the financial benefits of marriage involves strategic planning, shared goals, and open communication about finances. It takes some work from both parties, but the effort can pay off by creating several financial advantages, ranging from tax benefits to improved loan qualifications due to combined incomes. Doing it successfully requires teamwork, patience, and ongoing communication.…

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Federal Banking Regulations: Protecting you and your money.

Federal banking regulations are essential frameworks established to ensure the safety, soundness, and efficient operation of the banking system, thereby protecting consumers and their money. These regulations cover a wide range of activities, from how financial institutions lend money to how they manage customers’/members’ deposits. Let’s take a detailed look at what these regulations are,…

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Protecting Your Finances: The lowdown on fraud alerts and credit freezes.

In today’s digital age, where cyber threats and financial scams abound, safeguarding your hard-earned money has never been more critical. If you’ve fallen victim to fraud or identity theft, you’re likely exploring options to fortify your financial defenses. Two primary tools at your disposal are fraud alerts and credit freezes. Which one should you choose?…

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