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Mortgage Refinance

Discover the endless possibilities of refinancing your home.

Service and guidance you can trust.

Refinancing can be a huge financial decision — one that includes a lot of different factors that can be overwhelming on your own. At Lafayette Federal, you can trust our local mortgage experts who will guide you through the decision from start to finish.

Why should you refinance your home?

Members refinance their home for all kinds of reasons, but here are some of the most common reasons why you should.

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Lower your monthly payments

If you refinance at the right time with the best term, you may reduce your monthly payments and save more money.

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Reduce your loan term

When you change the term of your loan, you could save even more by reducing your interest payments and paying off the loan sooner.

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Consolidate debt

Consolidating debt is one of the best ways to pay off your debt earlier at a lower interest rate. Your financial health will thank you.

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Improve your home

Have you been waiting to make some improvements to your home? Refinancing can be a great place to start to cover the cost of home improvements.

Our members say the nicest things.

LFCU has been a lifesaver. I originally had a mortgage on my home with Merrill Lynch (ML). Although ML gave me a mortgage, they not only reserved the right to foreclose on the loan if I defaulted, but they also took an additional security interest on my actual ML account! This means that ML could have foreclosed and/or liquidated my brokerage account with them. After a few years, I had enough and moved over to LFCU. The transition was painless, worry-free and there was no double-dealing! I’ve been a loyal member since 1988, and plan to be one forever. The LFCU folks are always friendly, helpful and courteous. Thanks a million!

Rumu S.Member

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